Primary Assistant Teacher's Salary Increased To Grade 13

After resolving all the confusion regarding academic qualification now the assistant teachers of Primary school will get salary under grade 13. The primary and mass education ministry has declared this notice on Tuesday which literally ended the confusion of earlier discriminative decision.

Education ministry has sent a notice to the finance ministry regarding salary increment of primary school teacher on Tuesday. 

Earlier a notice has been published about the guideline of academic qualification requirement of the assistant teachers in all primary school. That stated that teachers who are qualified to the new educational requirement will get salary on grade 13. Where as others who were in the profession from earlier time will not be upgraded to grade 13.

This decision created dissatisfaction among the senior teachers. Despite of holding the same designation they will be getting less salary which was unexpected for them.

Therefore new notice has been issued and it states that who were recruited before or after the issuance of new guideline 2019 will be under grade 13. There will be no difference between them.

According to the guideline 2019, all the assistant teacher will be recruited have to have minimum graduation to be eligible for the post. While 2013 guideline asked for minmum HSC. 

Therefore all the teachers who have been appointed according to the new guideline were being paid under grade 13 and earlier recruited teachers were getting paid as per earlier guideline. This discrimination created frustration among the teachers. 

Now, after this notice everyone is happy and now all the primary assistant teachers will be under grade 13 as per national pay scale. 

On the other hand, all the headmasters with training will be under grade 11 and without training will be under grade 12. Primary teachers community said that they are satisfied with the decision and they want this to be in practical as soon as possible.

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