Bkash Offer 2020 | Cashback & Online Payment Bouns Offer

Bkash Offer 2020 includes all bkash refer offer, bkash mobile recharge cashback, bkash bill pay bonus and online payment cashback, bkash bird game etc. We will give you detail instruction to get all this bkash offers in this article.

Bkash Offer 2020

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1. Bkash App Download Offer

Did you know that Bkash is giving you 20 Taka cash bonus if you download Bkash App From the below link. Just click on the below link, download the app and install. You will get 20 taka after successful registration. Remember you can open one Bkash account with one NID number. 

Download Bkash App 

2. Bkash Mobile Recharge Cashback

Everyone already know that bkash is providing mobile recharge service from couple of years back. Sometime they offer 50% or 100% cashback on mobile recharge from bkash or bkash app. 

Current Offer: Recharge 30 Taka in your any mobile number and get 50% cashback (15 Taka) instantly. You can get this bkash offer mobile recharge 2020 cashback for one time from one Bkash acount. We will update next cashback offer when available. To get those offer please keep visiting our site or like our facebook page.

3. Bkash App Referral Bonus

Bkash refer offer is the most interesting offer from Bkash. You can earn more than 3000 taka per month from Bkash by referring people from your bkash app through message, messenger, whatsapp etc.

How To Refer: 

Login To your Bkash App. Go To Menu (Top-Right Corner). Click on "Refer A Friend" and share with any medium like message, messenger, facebook, whatsapp, email etc. 

If your friend download the Bkash app from your link and register. You will get 20 Taka Bonus.

If Your friend do any transaction like cash out or cash in you will get 80 Taka Bonus. 

In total you will get (20+80)=100 Taka bonus.

All this bonus you will get only if your friend download the Bkash app from your shared link.

4. Bkash App Quiz Bonus

Bkash App offers quiz contest among bkash app users where you can particpitae and answer questions. If your answers are all correct and you can finish answering all the question with a very short time you can get the cash bonus of 500 Taka from bkash.

How To Play & Win

You can play the quiz contest from your bkash app or mobile/pc browser. From the below link you can play bkash quiz.

Play Bkash Quiz

  • You need to provide your active bkash number to play the quiz.
  • During campaign, a user can as many times as he/she wants.
  • Everyday 500 people will 500 taka each. So as early as you can answer all the question, the more chances to win.
  • Next day after 1 pm winner's name will be published in the quiz page.
  • Within 2 days of wining you will get the rewarded money from bkash on your bkash account.

Rules To get the money

  • If you win any quiz contest you will get the money if you do atleast 1 transaction from your bkash account like- mobile recharge, cash in, cash out or bill pay etc.
  • You can play as many times you want but you can win only once during the campaign. 
  • After wining once you can play and win but you will not get any reward.
  • To get the wining money your bkash account should be active and new bkash users should be registered perfectly.

Things To Notice

  • Bkash employee can not win money but can play the game.
  • Bkash have the power and authority to change any rules of this contest anytime.
  • If you found guilty for any unwanted occurrence during contest you will be disqualified.

5. Bkash App Login Bonus

If you are a bKash user and never used bKash app in your smartphone or anywhere, you can get this bonus after first login. Download bKash app  and login with your mobile number which is registered with bKash. If you are a new user you will get this bonus after login from any smartphone with your bKash mobile number.

Bonus Amount: 25 Taka (One Time)


  • You will get this only one time.
  • Existing app user will not get this bonus.
  • This offer is valid only during bKash campaign.

6. Bkash App 1st Recharge 200% Cashback

If you are a new bkash user you are eligible for this offer. To get this offer you need to register your bkash account from the mobile app. After registration you need to login. That's it. 

You need to recharge 25 Taka to any mobile number and you will get 50 Taka cashback from bkash to your personal account. This offer is one time and only valid for the users who will open their 1st bkash account from the mobile app.

7. Win iPhone From bKash

You can win a brand new iPhone from bKash by playing games. Recently bKash has introduced a game called Bird Game. By playing this game you can score more and more.

Bkash Offer 2020
source: bKash website

Top 10 scorer during a campaign will get iPhone SE 2020. 

Game Rules:

  • Every hit to the star will gain 10 points.
  • If you get a bomb hit or fall down in the land one life will be gone.
  • 1st time you will get 10 life free. 
  • After finishing all the life you can buy 10 life with 1 taka only.
  • You can buy life after every 2 minutes
  • After the campaign if 2 user's score is equal then whoever used less time to score he will be the top scorer.
  • If both user's time is same then whoever used less life will be the 1st.
All the money from this campaign will be donated to Bidyanondo Foundation.

8. Bkash App Bill Pay

In new bKash app you can pay almost all the utility (gas, water, electricity) bills from your bkash app within 5 minutes. You don't need to stand in long que now for paying utility bills. bKash has introduced utility bill payment and now almost all the companies are connected to their app.

Bkash Offer 2020

Recently they have added Internet, Telephone even dish, internet & credit card bills as well. 

9. Bkash App Online Shopping Payment

Many of us are now used to do online shopping. It can be gadgets or daily needs. Bkash has introduced online payment to make the e-wallet concept successful. In other developed countries, Gpay, Amzaon pay etc are available. Unfortunately we are still not blessed with google pay but bkash has introduced the concept.

Now lot of shopping malls, shops have the facility of bkash payment.

Benefit: Most of the time bKash is offering 10% cashback for online payment. Though it's not unlimited mximum upto 300. But this is something extra. 

In some restaurants, cashback is even more. Sometimes 15-20%.  

10. Bkash App Welcome Bonus

New bKash users will  get some offers after their first login. Usually this offer is valid during bkash campaign. 

Bkash Offer 2020
Source: bkash website

There will be 8 challenges and you need to pass these. Every challenges will be on each week. So within 8 weeks you can achieve 200 taka.

11. How To Download & Install Bkash App

If you are an android user, go to "Play Store" app and search for "bKash". Install the app. 

If you are a new user please register with your information, mobile number and nid number. Remember you can open one bKash account with one nid number. If you already have a bKash account you can login with that number. 

To get 20 taka bonus download bKash app from below link. After download, install and register. you will get 20 taka bonus.

Click Here To Download bKash App (20 Taka Bonus)

12. Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: Why bkash app not logging in with wifi network?

Answer: If you opened bkash account with a mobile number, that sim card should be in the handset where you have installed bkash app. With wifi you can login if the sim card is available in your phone.

Q.2: My bKash sim is active but can not login.

Answer: Now a days most of the phones are using 2 sim card slot. But to use bkash, your bkash registered sim should be in sim 1 slot.

Q.3: Does bKash call center person can ask my bKash pin for any support?

Answer: No. Bkash support will not call you until you ask for support. Even if they call, they will not ask your pin. So, never share bkash pin with anyone. If someone call and ask your pin, ignore them. They are fraud.

Q.4: What is the Cash out Charge of bKash?

Answer: To cash out your money from agent(shop) bKash deduct some amount of money from your balance which is called cash out charge. In bkash cash out charge is 18.75 Taka per 1000 Taka.

Q.5: Is bKash safe for keeping money like bank?

Answer: Answer is No. Well this is mobile banking and all the amounts are secured with a pin number. so it is less secure to keep money in bKash. Mobile banking concept is for faster money transaction not for saving money. For saving, bank is the best platform till now.

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