Paragraph About Myself | Answer of "Tell Me About Yourself"

About Myself? I know that almost everyone of us face this question "Tell Something About Yourself" in exam or even in interview. So Today I will discuss in a way that you can easily answer this question verbally or write as a paragraph.


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Why People Fails To Answer Properly?

I am Mr. X and I am in Class X now/ I am Mr. Y and I have completed my Degree from Z University. This is how we approach and after that we actually get confused what to tell/write next. It happens because of over confidence. 

Everyone thinks that writing or telling about themselves is very easy. But this is tough because you are not preparing the structure to answer. You don't which part of your life you will tell and what will come after what.

As a result, things get messed up and you end up almost telling nothing important about myself

What To Write Or Tell?

Today I am writing a paragraph first for students and then I am giving a structure to answer this about yourself question in interview or somewhere else.

Paragraph About Myself

I am (Your name). I am (your age) years old now and studying in (your current education). I am staying  in (your city) with my family. I have 4 family members including me. I am staying with my parents and I have one elder brother. I am staying in this city from my childhood and I born here. My father is a service holder and my mother is housewife. My elder brother is studying Engineering in X University. Besides study I have some other hobby that I do always. I used to play cricket in the ground beside my house with some of my friends. I have a computer in my home. I love to play games in computer and I also learning Microsoft office from my elder brother. Every Month we used to go out for recreation. I love to roam around with my family. I sometimes visit my relatives house with my parents. I am happy to have such a great family members who are supporting me to grow up. I want to be an engineer and this is my aim in life.

Answer Of "Tell Me About Yourself" Question

Writing a paragraph about myself in school level is easy and bit straight forward. There is nothing tricky. You don't even need to think of other factors. But answering this question in a viva is the best part of your interview.

Why & How? 

Well if the ask you to tell about yourself, first thing you have to remember that they have your CV in their hand and they already know those info about you. Should you repeat those? Obviously NO. Then what left to tell. 

You will be stuck because almost all the things are written in your CV so what more interviewer wants to know.

That is the reason it's the toughest question to answer in interview session. Let's not get worried. Well if you face this question you can follow the points I have mentioned below.

  • Start by thanking the interviewer for asking this question. For Example, "Thank you Sir, for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself."
  • Now Inform about the Resume. For example, "As you already have my Resume, I expect you have gone through that and know about my academic credentials."
  • Now it's time to let them know something about yourself which is not written in the CV. For example, "Well I have something to say which is not there. I love getting together with friends, playing cricket, listening music. In my cricket team I am the captain and I really love to lead from the front."
  • Above line will let them understand that you have some quality of leadership. You are hardworking. You can take stress under pressure. These are the qualities every interviewer expect from a candidate. 
  • Now it's time to tell something that you have learned beside study which is required for that post. For example you are applying for bank officer. So you need to tell that. Say like, "Sir, I have another thing to say. Recently I have taken a course on core banking software from ABCD Institute and I loved that. I have successfully done that course.
  • This will make them understand that you are initially ready for the post. You can tell your extra certifications here that related to the post you applied. It will make you more eligible for the final recruitment.
If you follow these format and speak fluently you are in for sure. Obviously others will follow this format but it all depends how well you can present yourself in the board. 

Hope you found this article helpful. If you need help regarding this any points mentioned here please comment below. Stay with BDTECH24

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