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Picnic is a part of recreation. A picnic can be arranged in a historical, natural or even in a village area. Gossip, having food, few indoor or outdoor games are the major activity of a picnic. A large group of people or a small friend group or a family can enjoy picnic.



  1. What Is Picnic?
  2. Types Of Picnic?
  3. Why People do picnic?
  4. Did You Enjoyed A picnic recently?
  5. Where and how did you go?
  6. How Many people were there?
  7. What were the activities?
  8. How long did you stay?
  9. How was the experience?
  10. Do you want to go for a picnic again?

Well, above questions can be asked and you need to write a paragraph by answering all the questions. So, let's not wait. We have provided 2 paragraphs on same topic here. One is for the higher secondary students and one is for the primary. Let's start..

For Class (VI - X)

Picnic is a source of recreation. There are different types of picnic such as family picnic, college picnic, school annual picnic etc. People are busy with their own work throughout the year. Usually in winter people like to have some refreshment by going somewhere with their dearest ones for enjoying time in outdoor. I also have enjoyed a picnic from my High School on last year winter. On a cold and foggy night we have started our journey to Cox's Bazar by Bus. We were 27 students and 3 teachers. We have reached there by 7 am on morning. We had our breakfast in a hotel and took some rest on hotel. At 9.30 am we went to beach and enjoyed the shore. We have enjoyed beach football, badminton, Kabaddi and some other familiar games in the sand. At noon we have taken bath in the sea and came back to hotel. After having bath we had our lunch on the beach area hotel. We loved loitta fry a lot. After lunch we have taken a short rest in hotel and evening we went to pool. We played with ball on the pool and it was fun. We have enjoyed a lot. We have returned to our room before sunset and enjoyed music and songs sung by some of our friends. We have taken dinner at 9 pm and started our journey back to home at night. By morning we reached to our home and still I remember the day. I loved the time on Picnic Day and it will be a good memory in my life.

For Class (III - V)

Picnic is a source of pleasure. People naturally like to go for a picnic in winter. I also went to a picnic from my school on last year winter. On a fresh and foggy morning we have started our journey to Gazipur Safari Park by Bus. We were 20 students and 5 teachers. We have reached there by 10 am. We had our breakfast in bus. At 10.30 am we went inside the park and we saw lot of animals like elephant, tiger, lion etc. from the Van. We have enjoyed a lot. Sometimes we were afraid to see the animal near our van. After roaming around for few hours we came back to a restaurant and enjoyed our lunch. We spent some time in the park and returned before sunset. It was a memorable day for me. I want to go again if I get a chance.

If You need more paragraphs on a different topic please comment below. We will try to provide as early as possible.


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