How To Send Money From USA To Bangladesh bKash

If you want to send money to bkash from usa then you are in the right place. Here you will find an easy way to send money from USA to bangladesh bKash.

send money from usa to bangladesh bkash

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What is bKash?

Bkash is a mobile banking service of BRAC bank. Last few years bKash has been a part and parcel for the people who are usually doing small amount of cash transaction frequently. We all know that sending money through bank is difficult and sometimes not easy for the rural area people. 

Most of the small businessman, farmers, old persons in rural area are not that much educated to make a transaction through bank. But it is seen that they are frequently sending and receiving money with their customers or other partners in city areas around the country. 

So except banking, they prefer mobile banking that means e-wallet. this is easy and quick. bKash has gained trust in a level that now they are allowing people to send money from abroad to Bangladesh.

In past years western union, moneygram etc were the only way to send money from USA to Bangladesh. Now bKash has the facility to transfer money from USA. Not only USA but other countries also support bKash for money transfer.

Why bKash Is Better Than Other?

Well, it's a very good question. For exchanging border-cross money there very few methods available depending on the two countries to exchange. Before 2016 Western Union money transfer was only possible way to transfer money from USA to Bangladesh. Moneygram was also available with a very limited service.

But after 2016 bKash has joined the chain and now became a trusted and quick method to transfer remittance from USA and other countries to Bangladesh. Another facility is exchange rate. You will get only 2-3 taka difference maximum per dollar. And most importantly it's quick. 

Within few minutes your recipient will receive the money you have transferred from USA. That is the reason it's a reliable method for money transfer to Bangladesh.

Steps To Send Money From USA To Bangladesh Bkash

You need to follow few simple steps to send money from USA to Bangladesh by bkash. 

1. Go to

2. Select Bangladesh from the dropdown list and click on "Get Started"

Send Money From USA To Bangladesh bKash

3.  Now Select "Mobile Money" & Press Continue

Send Money From USA To Bangladesh bKash

4. Select "bkash mobile money" from the list like below picture. You will see current conversion rate from USD to BDT.

Send Money From USA To Bangladesh bKash

5. You can write the amount you want to send in "You Send" Box

6. Press "Continue" and you need to register with your email id and need to select the state where you are living in.

7. On nex step you need to fill up a short form with the information of the recipient in Bangladesh.

Boom!!! You are done. Isn't it simple??? 

Well if you found this article helpful and already used this method to send money from USA to Bangladesh bKash please feel free to comment. Others might find this trustworthy if they see you are using this method.

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