What Is Webinar And How Does It Work?

Webinar is nothing but an online meeting among people from different area in the world. Webinar actually became popular in recent pandemic as people were not allowed to arrange seminars in open halls.

What Is Webinar

In past years we were used to attend small seminars or conference in online platform which was very much known as online video conference. Usually Big conferences were being held in Conference hall or in an open space.

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Usually 300 to 500 or more more people attends this kinda seminars. But situation has changed a lot in recent pandemic. World can not afford stopping everything due to financial disaster that happened in April-May this year. 

To run the wheels of economy small to big business companies started their operation initially in July and now things are changing gradually. Since there were restriction of getting together in a place organizations were unable to arrange conference/seminars. Here Webinar came into play.

Through webinar lots of meetings were arranged and people participated with full on interest. People love their comfort and anything in comfort zone they accept. Webinars can be attended even from mobile phone and being anywhere in the world.

What Is Webinar?

Webinar is a form of online meeting/conference where the host present contents in the form of presentation, video or audio with audiences connected through a platform anywhere in the world.

How Webinar Works?

Suppose you are a host and want to present your content in a form of powerpoint presentation, documentary, audio visual or only audio conversation with your customers, colleagues or management in different location. 

The only way to make it done is online meeting through Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. If you are presenting through any of these platforms and connect few people in different locations is called webinar.

Why Webinar Became So Popular?

Due to Covid 19 pandemic people started working from home but the operation can not be stopped, right? To maintain the integrity among sub ordinates and client, companies started using online platforms to be connected all the time.

It's amazing to notice that people has accepted this and now things are more or less flawless even after working from home. You might be distant from others but in somewhere you are connected which is webinar and this is how webinar got so popular.

How Webinar Helps In Education?

Obviously online classes. In March-April things were stopped specially classes were closed and still not open. But now things are becoming normal by operating online classes. 

Teachers and students are now connected through webinar and things are becoming normal. Actually this is a new form of normal.

You will be surprised to know that not only online classes are being conducted but also all the assignments, exams and class tests are being taken through Webinar. This is how it has a big impact in education sector.

Well, I hope you understood what Webinar is and how webinar works by now. And do comment if you have been a part of an webinar ever. Share your experience with us.

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